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Prologue Records is an independent label committed to the purest sound quality, providing a debut recording platform for established classical artists.

Our recordings are produced using the simplest audio chain – just two microphones, extremely low noise amplification and the simplest signal path. Aside from the usual, occasional cut-and-splice edits, the company's philosophy is to avoid any other processing in its recordings. The recordings therefore capture the true natural sounds of the musicians and the venue - the balance being achieved by positioning the artists relative to the two microphones. Although 16-bit CD standards are unable to capture the huge range of human hearing, even with the best microphones available today, recordings cannot easily achieve a suitably low noise-floor to fully utilize 24-bit analogue to digital converters [yet], but Prologue is looking forward to producing high quality, 2-channel SACD/DVD products in the future.

We also provide location recording services for solo artists or small ensembles, from production of an audio master, through to arranging manufacture of a CD. Please contact us for details.

We welcome enquiries from retailers.